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Salsa Rhythm&Timing: 2nd Measure (Int/Adv)

Hiland Dance Studio Events
02.19.2018 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Salsa Rhythm&Timing: 2nd Measure, or Level 2 -Intermediate/Advanced Level, reinforces our connection to the music by taking us through more complex footwork and movements that rely on our understanding of how we connect to the music. This in turn helps us develop a great sense of Rhythm&Timing. A student can take this class without taking Salsa Rhythm&Timing: 1st Measure (Basics), but they might initially find it a very challenging. Salsa Rhythm&Timing: 1st Measure (Level 1) prepares the student for this class and provides the understanding required to progress quickly. It's a great class that strengthens your footwork and gets you closer to mastering your basic steps, as well as eliminating the anxiety of not knowing what to listen for in the music. Join us... Mondays at 6pm